About Us

Naturawhite – #1 Laser Teeth Whitening in the UK

Founded in 2002, Naturawhite is one of the longest-running teeth whitening companies on the market. 

Originally based in the UK and, having established the business on creating and supplying teeth whitening services to salons and trade customers, our focus and attention has turned to the at-home market. 

We believe that you should be able to achieve top-quality whitening results from the comfort of your own home. That’s why our operations are expanding with the view of becoming the number one provider of home teeth whitening products globally. 

In order to live up to our expectations, we always maintain our focus on two business areas: our products and our customers. 

Our Products 

We work specifically with professionals of the field to ensure that our products deliver the results we promise with absolute safety. We handpick our suppliers to ensure that each product is created and handled in the best possible manner. 

We don’t add unnecessary steps to our process, and we never oversell on results. 

Our Customers 

At Naturawhite, we understand that no good business can succeed without building trust and loyalty with their customers. We want our customers to feel safe and satisfied with our products. We appreciate the numbers of reasons why people might want to achieve whiter teeth, and we want to ensure that you use our products and feel confident with your smile. 
To ensure that all customers are respected, our products are guaranteed cruelty-free and